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STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance

About the Book

A Union of planets that spans the stars.

A radical terrorist sect dedicated to its complete destruction.

The survival of this Union rests with one group.


In the year 2403, the former residents of Earth are now a leading race in the Galactic Union of Planetary Republics. This star-spanning government, an advocate for peace and diversity throughout the galaxy, represents over eighty-five memberworlds and hundreds of different sentient species.

But when diplomacy fails and the Galactic Union is threatened by foes with abilities beyond that of normal beings, the Star Brigade Special Forces are called. The Star Brigade, an offshoot of the Galactic Union's military arm, is a strike team of expertly trained operatives who dedicate their special abilities and skills to the safekeeping of the Galactic Union and its citizens. Whether it be by ground, air or space, the Star Brigade works tirelessly to defend the Union against super-powered terrorist threats.

That all changed a year ago when one of the Star Brigade's assignments went disastrously wrong, killing several Brigadiers and tarnishing their reputation in the eyes of the Union government. Most importantly it led to the departure of the Brigade's greatest operative—Captain Habraum Nwosu who, as the mission's leader, blamed himself for its failure.

But now, on the eve of the largest trade merger in galactic history, an old enemy rears its head and threatens to destroy everything the Galactic Union stands for. Captain Nwosu must rejoin the Star Brigade and lead this team back to prominence in order for the Galactic Union to have any hope of survival.

STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance is the stunning debut novel from author C. C. Ekeke. A potent blend of traditional science fiction, military drama, and action/adventure with a slice of space opera, First Renaissance will keep you riveted from start to finish.

Available Editions

'First Renaissance' book cover Trade Paperback
Published by Llumina Press
ISBN: 1-59526-387-X
508 pages
Now Available


STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance is the first novel in the Star Brigade series, which will continue in the forthcoming second novel.

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