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STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance


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From Book Critics

Crystal Reviews:
"This book is a stunning sci-fi novel...a fascinating, light yet powerful sci-fi story that will keep you up many a late evening and is enjoyable as well!"

San Antonio Express-News:
"A pulp sci-fi tale reminiscent of early works by sci-fi pioneer Robert Heinlein."

"Star Brigade: First Renaissance is layer after layer of superb science fiction by first time novelist C.C. Ekeke. The subplots are intriguing, ambrosial and leave the reader craving more, and more, and more."

Harriet Klausner, top Amazon Reviewer:
"(Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars) FIRST RENAISSANCE is a fun military science fiction that sub-genre readers will enjoy. The story line is loaded with action and adventure that never ends."

Curled Up With A Good Book:
"Ekeke's love of science fiction and comics shines through clearly. After a slow start, the plot and the characters are quite engaging....space opera or comic fans should enjoy this book."

The Sci-Fi Zone Radio Show:
"Mr. Ekeke's book has the seeds of many future Star Brigade novels ahead of it, and a roster of characters certain to please. Check it, and the Brigade's universe, out!"

Tregolwyn Book Reviews:
"A thoroughly enjoyable space opera...Ekeke’s on a ride and you’re in the passenger seat."

Midwest Book Review:
" (Rating: 5 Stars) A complex, exciting, utterly immersive saga from cover to cover."

Daniel Jolley, top Amazon Reviewer:
"(Rating: 5 Stars) There are few things in life more enjoyable than a rollicking good science fiction adventure, and that is exactly what C.C. Ekeke serves up in his debut novel, STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance.

Booksville Literary Reviews:
"Very good story...Any fan of this Sci-fi genre will enjoy STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance thoroughly."

Allbook Reviews:
"Well conceived and delivered plot by C.C. Ekeke...A reader can easily visualize the character descriptions."

Valley Scene Magazine:
"Ekeke has created a fascinating world and diehard sci-fi fans will relish every detail...including an exciting finale."

Reader Views:
"Ekeke did an excellent job of creating a plot that keeps the reader holding on in suspense...I recommend this book to true science fiction fans that enjoy an adventure that has real depth."

Heartland Reviews:
"(Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars) Star Brigade is a wild science fiction space opera...It is so rare to find classic science fiction today because it is so difficult to develop new beings, settings, and cultures. This author has done an excellent job of these."

From Authors

Angela Hooper, author of In Dark Minds:
"A truly great book...C.C. Ekeke captivates the reader well, inviting them into his world, leaving them no wish to leave it."

Michael J. Cavallaro, author of Cybernetica:
“Star Brigade: First Renaissance is a tour-de-force that combines the soul of Zelazny’s Lord of Light with the ferocity of Heinlein's Starship Troopers. C.C. Ekeke is truly among one the best world-builders in science fiction today.”

From Readers

Derrick, Amazon Reviewer:
"This book was great from beginning to end and at points very hard to put down. Both storyline and characters were well written. I hope of more books to come."

Bookworm, Amazon Reviewer:
It didn't take long for Ekeke to win me over. There are some solid characters here, that though alien, seem familiar and complex enough to pull you into the story, no matter what solar system it takes place in. No matter what you think of the science fiction genre, pick up this book because there are some people worth meeting in these pages.

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