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STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance


When I was writing First Renaissance, listening to music helped me focus on the task of authoring my first novel. But as the story grew organically, so did my usage of music. Before I knew it, some songs set the tone for a scene I was writing. Others aided me in visualizing the scenes even when I'm not physically writing. So I decided to put together a playlist of the music that had the most impact on my first Star Brigade novel. This is not the full or final list, just what I could think of the top of my head, so additions may pop up every so often.

  1. Linkin Park – Ppr-Kut (Reanimation Remix)
  2. Linkin Park – Pts. of. Athrty (Reanimation Remix)
  3. Enya – Lazy Days
  4. U2 – Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix)
  5. U2 – Running To Stand Still
  6. Madonna – Swim
  7. Enya – China Roses
  8. Linkin Park – Don't Stay
  9. Linkin Park – Figure 09
  10. Linkin Park – High Voltage (2000 Reprise)
  11. Sarah McLachlan – Witness
  12. Norah Jones – Someone is Calling You
  13. Jimmy Eat World – Firestarter
  14. Jewel – Serve the Ego (Gabriel Dresden Remix)
  15. Froo Froo – Shhh
  16. Dido – Isobel
  17. Dido – Life For Rent
  18. Dido – Honestly, OK
  19. Depeche Mode – Precious
  20. Coldplay – Warning Sign
  21. Coldplay – Amsterdam
  22. Coldplay – Fix You
  23. Enya – Triad: St. Patrick / Cú Chulainn / Oisín
  24. Enya – The Council of Elrond
  25. Evanescence – Haunted

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