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STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance

Planets featured in the novel


Uninhabited planet in the Rynn System. It's the farthest away from Rynn, also the site of a mining complex, a criminal penal colony and one of the most brutal Korvenite internment camps, Alorum's Light. Its landscape is craggy and mountainous with a particularly thin atmosphere, only four times greater than that of the moon though with gravity 0.75 times that of Terra Sollus. Alorum has no moons.

Rotation period: 30 orvs
Orbital Period: 549 days
Diameter: 11,330 km
Class: R-Class
Terrain: Mountains, canyons
Sun(s): Rynn
System: Rynn System
Sector: Mynar Sector
Population: 50,000
Affiliation: Galactic Union of Planetary Republics
Native Species: None
Government: Union Territory/Penal Colony
Moons: None

a desert world far out of Union borders, nearer to the outer rim of the Yariji Sector in the Noriida Major System. This planet is a 'boomglobe' and residence of the Korvenite dancer Tharydane. Many wonder why anyone would live in this planet that has perpetual heat and sandstorms. Mainly due to the vast store of minerals (mainly Riinethe) that exist beneath its sands. This has brought many a would-be prospector to Bimnorii to try and strike it big. Some have been successful. Others haven't. Some have left the foolhardy planet while many lack the credits to get off planet. This has led to the creation of many separated towns scattered all over the planet.

Aside from mining, a great deal of criminal activity exists on Bimnorii, given that it is outside of Union control. It is also a leading hub in slave trading, gunrunning and drug trafficking. Many smugglers and space pirates either stop over on Bimnorii to hide and perform jobs or set up bases to run their operations. The Maruduuks, a crustacean-like race, has an extensive powerbase on the planet and its drug trade. Bimnorii's desert terrain includes sand dunes, canyons, various rock formations and even some tundra in its cooler northern hemisphere. The temperatures at its hotter regions are known to reach 185° Celsius. Despite the extreme climates Life does exist on the planet. There is the aaln, the voracious razorback, the serpent-like crotalus and the mysterious Mooganti (Sandskinners). Bimnorii has three moons.

Rotation period: 21 orvs
Orbital Period: 323 days
Diameter: 9,764 km
Class: B-Class (B1)
Terrain: Desert, mesas, canyons, dune seas
Sun(s): Noriida Major
System: Noriida Major
Sector: Yariji Sector
Population: 3.2 million
Affiliation: Maruduuk Space
Native Species: Mooganti (native), Human (immigrated), Maruduuk (immigrated)
Government: Local municipal councils
Moons: 3
Official Language: Standard

Cercidale is the chief planet that governs not only the Cercidalean System but also the Cercidalean Sector. There is a saying that goes, "You can tell a sentient from Cercidale, but you can't tell them much." While part of the GUPR for over one hundred-twenty years, the planet and the other worlds under its charge are very independent and usually worry more about its inner dealings than that of Union or galactic affairs. It is the second planet from Kyshrielle, the star that the Cercidale system orbits. Other planets in the Cercidalean System include Cadaluca, Rylloon and Hommodus. All are habitable and densely populated.

The planet itself is large in size and mass, at least 5 to 6 times larger than Terra Sollus. The terrain is very mountainous (Like its tower peaks of Corde Vedriis), with a variety of beautiful rock formations, mesas, grasslands and crystal-clear seas. There is a lower ocean: land ratio on Cercidale but there are many lakes pockmarked all over its red rocky surface.

It is not as urbanized as Terra Sollus, but its still bustling with commerce and activity. Many of its major cities, along with towering skyscrapers and traffic, have various open parks and plazas. In the large city of Medillius, along with the Union Command Armada HQ, has a unique bazaar that is a mixture of alien cultures from all over, not just Cercidale or the Union. What many don't know is that Cercidale is one of the most prominent mechanoid and weapons producers in the Union. Most of their production takes place underground and by the native Cercidaleans. All of its shipyards are off world, as the planet's leaders feel that they don't want their world to become too 'industrial'. The population on Cercidale fluctuates between around 18 billion, consisting of the native Cercidalean humans, along with the races of Rylloon, Cadaluca, Hommodus and other GUPR member races. The Nnaxans, from the volcanic Hommodus usually live under ground.

Rotation period: 23 orvs
Orbital Period: 400 days
Diameter: 19,870 km
Class: E-Class
Terrain: Mesas, buttes, canyons, small seas, cityscapes
Sun(s): Kyshrielle
System: Cercidalean System
Sector: Cercidalean Sector
Population: 17.6 billion
Affiliation: Galactic Union of Planetary Republics, Cercidalean Sector Authority
Native Species: Human (Cercidalean)
Government: Planetary Republic, Regional Governorship
Moons: 5
Demonym: Cercidalean, Cerc
Official Language: Standard

Earth is located in the Sol System in the Taurus Sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. This planet was rendered uninhabitable by an act of protest gone horribly wrong. One of the original four planets that formed the Galactic Union. Now Terra Sollus is the homeworld of Earth's human race.

Rotation period: 24 orvs
Orbital Period: 365 days
Diameter: 12,742 km
Class: E-Class
Terrain: Cityscapes, oceans, forests, mountains, deserts, ice caps
Sun(s): Sol
System: Sol System
Sector: Taurus Sector
Population: 11.6 billion
Affiliation: Galactic Union of Planetary Republics
Native Species: Human (Earth)
Government: Union Planetary Republic
Moons: 1
Demonym: Terran
Official Language: Standard


The Kedri homeworld and throneworld for the Kedri Imperium. This is a very large world with lush rainforests, jungles, mountains and oceans. There are various mineral deposits, particularly crystalline on this world. Known to Kedri as Quelqu'unyu

Rotation period: 26 orvs
Orbital Period: 301 days
Diameter: 14,000 km
Class: E-Class
Terrain: rainforests, jungles, mountains, deserts and oceans
Sun(s): Sriake
System: Kedria System
Sector: Imperial Sector
Population: 11.4 billion
Affiliation: Kedri Imperium
Native Species: Kedri
Government: Interplanetary Monarchy
Moons: 5
Demonym: Kedri
Official Language: Kedri

Fourth planet in the Rothor System in the Rhiana Sector, home of the reptilian Rothorid race. It's mostly swamps and wetlands. The Rothorids have colonized Rothor II, Rothor V and Rothor VII, the other three habitable planets in the seven-planet Rothor System.

Rotation period: 28 orvs
Orbital Period: 351 days
Diameter: 11,050 km
Class: E-Class
Terrain: Swamps, wetlands, cityscapes
Suns: Rothor
System: Rothor
Sector: Rhiana Sector
Population: 3.4 billion
Affiliation: Galactic Union of Planetary Republics
Species: Rothorid
Government: Planetary Republic
Moons: 2
Demonym: Rothorid
Official Language: Rothoric, Standard

The second of eleven planets in the Rynn system (and second largest terrestrial world) located in the Mynar Sector, Terra Sollus is the capitalworld of the Galactic Union and location the GUPR’s highest governing body. The planet bears an uncanny resemblance to Earth in many aspects, which initially attracted Earth's inhabitants to the planet almost three centuries ago. At one time this was the homeworld of the telepathic Korvenites, until the Earth humans officially moved onto the planet in 2195.

Terra Sollus is an epicenter of culture, entertainment, education, commerce and diversity within the Union, representing the best that this star-spanning government has to offer. It also serves as the home of many influential figures within the Union, like the Vanowen family. However, the planet cannot fully escape its dark history of how it became the powerful planetary republic it is today.

Rotation period: 25 orvs
Orbital Period: 370 days
Diameter: 13,000 km
Class: E-Class
Terrain: Cityscapes, grasslands, deserts, mountains, oceans, ice caps
Suns: Rynn
System: Rynn
Sector: Mynar
Population: 13.5 billion
Affiliation: Galactic Union of Planetary Republics
Species: Korvenite (native), Human (immigrated)
Government: Union Planetary Republic/Union Capitalworld
Moons: Calliste, Terra Minor, Owen’s Moon (artificial)
Demonym: Terra Sollan
Official Language: Standard


A green gas giant planet that neighbors Terra Sollus in the Mynar Sector. (J-Type planet). Its the third planet in the Rynn system. This planet is the location of Hollus Maddrone, the Brigade’s covert base. It has a diameter of 81,470 km. Most of the layers of gas are poisonous, and the pressure and temperature are far above what a human could tolerate. But there are several pockets of oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere that make it possible to travel and live within the gas giant. It also has an abundance of valuable gases, so the Union Command has set up many mining colonies to extract Zeid’s natural resources. Zeid has 14 moons, five of which are habitable and in the process of being colonized. All of the named moons begin with the letter A and are named after the children of the Greek gods Zeus and Poseidon.

Rotation period: 25 orvs
Orbital Period: 370 days
Diameter: 81,470 km
Class: J-Class (J2)
Terrain: Gas giant, clouds, metallic core
Suns: Rynn
System: Rynn
Sector: Mynar
Population: 2 million
Affiliation: Galactic Union of Planetary Republics
Species: Human (immigrated)
Government: Union Colony World
Moons: Agenor |Antaeus | Aon | Aphrodite | Apollo | Ares | Artemis | Athena | Atlas | Atropos | Autochthon | Auxo | Azaes | Amphion
Official Language: Standard

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