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STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance

Glossary of Terms

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Korvenites in close psychic contact with each other; holding together the Unilink core

BBT (Big Bang Theory)
One of the most potent beverages in the known galaxy. This is usually served in shots because most can never make it through a fraction of a glass before becoming completely drunk.

Black Dwarf
An intoxicant popular in the Commerce Sector, well-known for its black color, tart taste along with being cool in the mouth and hot down the throat when consumed

a racial slur made by humans referring to Korvenites. It is Norwegian for 'white shit', due to Korvenites' ivory-white skin.

An uninhabited planet that is flooded with new residents, due to a valuable natural resource found on its surface.
Standard Union measurement of length, height and width. 1/77 of a metrid.

A native of Cercidale (or just the short form for the word Cercidalean)

Cercidalean Dawnrise
A mixed intoxicant originating from Cercidale and a favorite of Habraum Nwosu. It uses minty Cercidalean quillgrass as an ingredient.

The elected leader of The Galactic Union. He is elected by the Chamber of delegates, who in turn receive their votes from the planets they represent. One of the Chouncilor's most important tasks is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Union Command Armada. He presides over meetings with his Executive Ministry, which are the leaders of the Union's Executive Branch. The Chouncilor can serve a maximum of two five-year terms, but each year and a half of their term gets a job approval review from the High Tribunal, based on anonymous members of the Bicameral and their track record (a form of checks and balances). There has been only twice in the Union's history where a Chouncilor has been ousted for below average job performance.
In matters of extreme urgency or during war the Chouncilor can make immediate, unilateral decisions without the approval or the High Tribunal or the Union Bicameral.

Another name for a watch or timepiece. If it's a wrist chronometer, then it usually has a comband integrated into it.

A communication device that allows one sentient to contact another instantly. It can be integrated into a chronometer or be a separate device.

Commerce Station
An interstellar shopping mall, usually including stores of all kinds, alien bistros, space vessel fuel stations, amusement parks and hotels. Many are located either near planets or around long L-Space routes.

Communication booths that have audio/visual and allow two sentients or more to communicate with each other. Cranker
Cercidalean insult implying that someone likes to whack off frequently

The capital city of Terra Sollus, and of the Galactic Union where the Bicameral Hall and the Chouncilor's House are located. At over 47 million inhabitants, it's a virtual megalopolis, and because of its gigantic size is divided into four major districts; Diktat, Westport, Corowood and Lakeport.

Corowood District
A large business/residential district making up Southern Conuropolis. This is the location of the famous Conuropolis Zoo, the second largest in the GUPR. This is a very popular place for sentients to live in Conuropolis. The name of the borough came from the inordinate amount of corona wood trees in the area. There are also quiet a few museums, parks and the Corowood Promenade.

Standard word for sunrise

A fusion of a variant cement mixture and diamond. Used for buildings, sculptures and even some ships.

Diktat District
This is the largest and most economically active region of Conuropolis, right in its center. It is home of the GUPR government and where all the decisions that affect the Union are made out of. The Chouncilor's Office and the Union Bicameral are located there. There is also the Union Commons (a combination of many parks on other Union member worlds).The area is very cosmopolitan always full of activity.

Standard word for sunset or sundown

When architectures or sculptures are reminiscent of those seen long ago on Terra Firma's continent Europe.

Executive Ministry
The Chouncilor's Cabinet. Also the supervisors of the Union's executive branch and its ministries.

A Standard curse

Cercidalean insult meaning idiot, dumbass, half-wit

An iron/cement fusion used in many walkways and buildings

Ferronos Fizzle
A drink that Khrome used as a comparison to V'Korram's personality. It is popular throughout the Ferronos Sector, mainly among the Thulicans who made it. The drink shoots out harms silvery sparks (hence the fizzle) and tastes like some awfully caustic metallic solution, but like Earth beer the more often it is consumed the more tolerable the taste.

Standard Union measurement of length, height and width. Sometimes interchanged with the metrid system, mainly by Earth humans.

Faster-than-light travel

Galactic Union of Planetary Republics
The Galactic Union is a star-spanning, democratic organization of united planetary governments and colonies. Its members are integrated in joint commerce, scientific, explorative, political, cultural and defense activities. Every member race is represented equally in the Union's Bicameral (Senate and Chamber of Delegates). There are at least 85 member worlds covering several sectors of space, each represented by three Senators in the Senate and variable number of Delegates in the Chamber. This doesn't include the various territories, colony worlds, starbases and commerce stations the GU has littered around their borders. The GU's capital world is Terra Sollus and the title of the elected leader who governs over the Union is the Chouncilor.
Each individual world has its own government which is a microcosm of the GUPR's government; ruled by a Viceroy, with its own Global Tribunal and Planetary Bicameral. The Senators represent the interests of the Viceroy and the Planetary Bicameral. Other names: Galactic Union, the Union, the GUPR or the GU

Galaxy Broadcasting, the second largest broadcast network in the Union focusing more on entertainment (broadcast series, holofilms, sports). It also has affiliates customized to each world or territory.

A metal/glass fusion used primarily in the viewports of space-faring ships.

An eight-string Korvenite instrument resembling a guitar but is more box-like, slimmer and longer. It has a dreamy, three-toned sound and is used for thaoque dancing. It takes great hand-eye coordination to play Unionist – The name give to a Union citizen (like how a citizen of the U.S. is called a patriot).

Unit of monetary exchange in the Galactic Union, half of a Union sterling

HazCon (Hazard Control Department)
Department on Union planets that deals with fires, nuclear leaks, all things hazardous to the general public.

HLHG (Hard Light Hologram)
A 3D interactive technology that makes regular holograms as solid or soft as the subject they're replicating. Usually HLHG is used by the military in training or by those can afford it for leisure.

Holographic novels as opposed to the archaic bound paper ones.

A product of holotech (holographic technology), basically holographic pictures.

Holovid (Holographic video)
A form of 3D wideband broadcasting used for standard communications and messages.

Honor Guard
The elite security force assigned to protecting the Chouncilor, the Vice-Chouncilor and heads of the Executive Ministry.

Right-Wing political party in the Union (Imps), believe that the government should be more centralized in the way it rules s the planetary republics; Ultra conservatives (Ultracons) are an extreme right wing branch of the Imperialist party.

Interplanetary News Network, the largest interplanetary broadcast network in the Union, with affiliates customized to each world or territory.

The Korvenites' native dialect. It's a little sing-songy and soft to the ears, almost enchanting to non-Korvenites.

Korvan's gifts
What Korvenites call their psychic abilities. The predominant ones are Mindspeak and Mindshift.

Korvan's Anointed
Another name for the Korvenite llyriac known as Maelstrom. He and other Korvenites believe he was anointed by Korvan to lead them back to Sollus.

Korvan's Way
A name for the Korvenite religion where they worship the Deity Korvan. In the past three decades a radical sect of this religion has formed where they believe Korvan has anointed a Korvenite of great power to lead them in taking back their ancestral home, (Sollus).

Korvanes statues
Sollunium based monoliths created hundreds of years ago on Sollus. They actually can be activated to attack or defend by a potent Korvenite Unilink.

Kurtha or Kurthahide
Kurokoos pelt, in the form it's used for clothes. It's soft but firm.

Kurtha mixed with cotton down. Very soft, durable and velvety.

Lakeport District
A small and neglected district in Northeastern Conuropolis. Many of the city's poor citizens live in this area. The lower levels are where a lot of shady underworld dealings happen.

Another term for a Korvenite priest. Usually used when referring to a Korvenite priest or strict practitioner of Korvan's Way.

Cercidalean term to describe someone of lower intelligence

Luminal Drive or L-Drive
The special type of engine needed to jump to L-Space. The generator that powers the L-Drive is a microfusion reactor.

Luminal Jump or L-Jump
The term used when a vessel jumps to luminal speed.

Luminal Space or L-Space
A higher dimensional space than regular 3D space where ships can travel at faster-than-light (FTL) speeds. A ship needs a luminal drive or L-Drive to do "jump" into L-Space.

Luminal Speed or L-Speed
The term for when an interstellar vessel achieves faster-than-light speed.

Standard Union measurement of time. Sometimes used by races and/or governments outside of Union borders. The length is seconds, or 63 nanoclics

A genetically altered sentient (whether congenital or by science) displaying abilities/characteristics abnormal for their species.

Mech (mechanoid)
A subservient android whose function depends on what it was programmed to do (i.e. medimech is a medical mechanoid, a carriermech is a mechanoid that aids in lifting and transporting heavy objects.)

Megaconglomerate (Megacorp or Megacorporation)
A multiplanetary corporation with an annual revenue exceeding a trillion credit

Standard Union measurement of length. It's the equivalent of 3.5 feet or 77 centimetrids.

The name Korvenites give to telekinesis. This isn't a common ability among Korvenites as one out of every 300 Korvenites has it. Those who do have it are considered blessed by Korvan.

The name Korvenites give to telepathy, empathy or clairvoyance among their race. 99.9% of all Korvenites have this ability. To not have it is the equivalent of being blind or deaf.

MIR (Microfusion reactor)
The generator that powers an L-Drive. This was invented mainly from the help of the Voton, an energy-based race and one of the founding species of the Union. The nuclear fusion (which is how stars obtain their energy) produces bountiful amounts of power. But the fusion is only temporarily sustainable, the core needs to be changed every few months and the magnetic constrictors checked. Either or can lead to stellar engine failure.

Standard Union measurement of time. Sometimes used by races and/or governments outside of Union borders. The length is 77 picoclics.

A genetically altered sentient (whether congenital or by science) displaying abilities/characteristics abnormal for their species.

Nnaxan Lava Malt
Spicy drink made by the Nnaxan. It is red and fizzles, but has a mild potency. When consumed it burns the tongue and the throat. The agents that make it fizzle, allow someone to burp out puffs of gray smoke.

A higher ranking llyriac

Standard Union measurement of time. Sometimes used by races and/or governments outside of Union borders. The length is 70 macroms.

Standard Union measurement of length, height and width. It's the equivalent of 5,740 feet or 1640 metrids, longer than a mile.

A steel/ durable plastic fusion used for viewscreens, viewports, dishware, appliances and many home furnishings.

Left-Wing political party in the Union that believes in a more decentralized government and that power should be given more to the planets. (Popul)

Razorback Blood Rum
An alcoholic drink found in bars on Bimnorii, and with razorback blood as a prominent ingredient.

A police force that keeps the peace on Union worlds

The name for Korvan's most devoted warriors. They seek retribution for the injustices wrought on Korvan's chosen race. What makes them unique is that they were an armor made of the mineral Sollunium which they can power using their psychic abilities. This armor gives them flight, enhanced strength and the ability to fire off destructive beams of pure psychic energy. The only fallback is that their telepathy is diminished while activating the armor, thus they rely great on the Unilink. The Korvenite in this type of armor must be very powerful in order to operate it.

A hard azure mineral that is the main reason why Bimnorii became a boomglobe in the first place. It has many uses, including jewelry and energy.

A Cercidalean curse word or exclamation

San Andreas
A huge costal megapolis near the Northwestern shoreline of Vesspuccia on Terra Sollus. Its current population is around 30 million. There are a number of Intoxicant manufacturers and Holofilm Production companies in this city. Popular suburbs of this huge town include Triton's Cove, Santa Yessenia, and Kingsborough. Famous beaches include Union Wharf and Valencia Beach, which is an entirely white sand beach.

Kintarian longknives. These knives are usually around twenty-two to twenty-eight centimetrids length, slightly curved, double-edged and always come in pairs. Their hafts are wrapped in special leathery leaves found only on Kintare, and the metal used to make the blades of the scaphes is very light, making them easy to carry around.

The future version of a hacker

Section M
The agency within the Ministry of Defense that deals with neo-mutates or genetically-enhanced sentient affairs. They are also involved Neo-Mutate Development and Deployment, which is for neo-mutates whose powers are out of control so they can be reintegrated back into society. They also help partially fund the Star Brigade; the rest of the funding comes from UComm. One sketchy practice they are taking part of is the forcible conscription of orphans into SPB programs. Section M also sponsors the Star Brigade Special Forces in conjunction with the UComm.

A living intelligent being that can form its own thought processes and communicate in a sophisticated manner (i.e. a human being)

Cercidalean term for someone or a situation that is crazy or out of control.

Slingshot Jump
A shortened, specialized luminal jump that allows ships to enter gas giants or planets from a certain distance outside their atmosphere using the planet's gravity well as a spring. In order for a ship to jump from the surface of a planet to space, it has to be in the planet's uppermost atmosphere. Making a Slingshot jump from the surface to space can not only destroy the ship but also do irreparable harm to that planet's environment.

A variant form of FLT travel. It opens up portals that fold space/time and shoot the vessel to their destination around five times faster than even the fastest L-Drive. The only problem is that most races have yet to construct engines drives that open a stable slipstream portal. Only the Cybernarr have been able to do so and will never give out their tech to other races.

A sport popular on Terra Firma and still played on Terra Sollus. Habraum Nwosu is an avid soccer player and practices during his off duty orvs.

A golden-hued softer metal predominantly on Terra Sollus and asteroid fields in the Mynar Sector. It is can also be used in concert with technology to channel Korvenite's psychic gifts.

Sons of Man
The largest, most prominent human supremacist/separatist organization in the Union. This group is actually accepting of all forms of former Earth cultures, but hates every other non-human species. They believe Sollus should be for humans exclusively after the Terra Firma massacre and want all other races thrown out. Their means are violent and radical.

An aerofield for departing/arriving interstellar vessels and passenger starliners. Most Union member worlds have at least twelve major spaceports and hundreds of minor ones. Each also has accommodations for passengers and cargo, along with their own Regulat and HazCon (Hazard Control Department).

Cercidalean term for an idiot.

The Galactic Union's official language. It sounds mostly like human English.

Very tall buildings that usually reach above the clouds

A commercial enterprise that provides scheduled interstellar flights for passengers.

A commercial vessel specifically for interstellar passenger transport. The vessel is usually owned by a starline corporation.

starlight, dawnlight, noonlight
Standard word for sunlight

A particularly common and inebriating drink whose origins point back to mid-22nd century Earth. It is used as an ingredient in various other mixed intoxicants.

Stellar Drive or S-Drive
Name for the engine drive used to sublight travel through normal space.

Unit of monetary exchange in the Galactic Union, sometimes called a Union sterling. Its worth is high in many parts of spaces outside of Union borders.

1.) A sweet beverage that when mixed right, illuminates a spectrum of blue and white like one's in L-Space. When consumed, it sends a hot tingle down one's body at a surprising speed.
2.) An expression for someone being angry or ballistic.

Tarkathian Deathbrew
Originated on Tarkath, it is potent for native Tarkathians, but packs a real wallop to humans. If made offworld, Tarkathians are extremely sensitive to if made wrong, and are known to kill the waiter or maker of the botched drink.

Politicians believing in technological advancement as the forefront and giving more power to the technical experts and scientists. (Techies)

Moderate political party in the Union (Tempies)

A style of Korvenite dance that has endured throughout the ages. Tharydane is very adept at this form of dance. It's a union between the dancer, the music and the audience.

Political party that feels the government should follow divine law of their deities and not pure politics.

Matter transportation, basically its teleportation, the instant transport of one being or object to another location.

the first-rate sublight communications network that connects the GU. This allows sentients, starbases, commerce stations and ships to connect to planets outside the Union even through L-Space. This network uses wideband connections, commspires and broadcast satellites among other means to connect the Union together. But given the vastness of space, sometimes ships are out of TransNet range.

3-Dimensional Transponder. It's a form of messaging where both sender and receiver can see either a small, full-sized or upper body hologram of each other.

A vast psychic link between two or more Korvenites that allows them to communicate over vast distances. In the case of the Korvenite Independence Front, there are so many in this Unilink that it requires a certain core group of Korvenites whose sole purpose is to maintaining the actual Unilink. The majority of other Korvenites can connect and disconnect whenever they feel like it. Its like AOL, but using like sentients.

Union Bicameral
The Union's legislative division, which consists of the Union Senate and the Chamber of Delegates. The Senate represents the 84 Union member worlds with three senators per world. The Chamber of Delegates also includes colony words and territories, and the number of delegates depends on the planet's population.

Union Command Armada (UComm)
The Galactic Union's armed forces, which consists of several divisions dedicated to protecting and serving the Union. These include the UComm Marine Corps, the UComm Aerofleet, UComm TerraTroopers and the Star Brigade Special Forces.

Union Intelligence Bureau
The Galactic Union's intelligence gathering bureau. Supervised by the Union Security Ministry.

Another name for a window or a starship pane.

Flat screen monitors that broadcast images from an alternate source, like how a ship's bridge Viewscreen shows footage from outer space.

Westport District
The wealthiest borough in Conuropolis, located in its western region next to Lake Conuros and home to several beaches. Many powerful senators, celebrities and other of the Union's wealthiest citizens have homes here. A key tourist area is the Korvan Quarter, with its collection of antique buildings, Korvenite ruins and numerous bars and restaurants, is also worth a visit.

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