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STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance

Alien Races

Below are a few of the alien species features in STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance. More will be added soon!


Natives of the Imperial Dependency world Titandra, Cryonites are made entirely of an organic ice crystaline. Theuyir bodies have a variety of icicles and spikes protuding out. Cryonites, while able to reproduce asexually, do have different genders and can enter relationships.

a mysterious, emotionless cyborg race that resides somewhere in the Dracius Cluster ajadacent to the Milky Way. The location of their homeworld is unknown the only sentient to ever step foot in Cybernarr Space and come back alive was Habraum Nwosu, but he didn't see exactly where it was. They are half-humanoid, half-cybernetic and are on a mission to conquer most of the galaxy under their unemotional, authoritarian order. Not much is know about them or their government, other than that it's called the Cybernarr Technoarchy.

Humans from Cercidale originated from the red planet. They are physically similar to Earth humans except for a few notable exceptions. For instance, Cercidaleans are known to have vastly different eye colors including shades of purple, red, amber, even pink. Their hearts are on the right side of their chest. Due to the higher altitudes, Cercidalean humans have a higher lung capacity.

A warlike, reptilian-evolved race that rules a large portion of the Milky Way Galaxy. Their large slice of space is known as the Kedri Imperium. They are tall, the males usually at least 6'4 in height and the females 5'10. The Kedri are renowned for their violent war tactics and aggressive means of adding more planets to their collective, but in recent times the ruling government is attempt less belligerent means to achieve those goals.

A Union member race of bipedal felid beings hailing from the planet of Kintare in the Meylan System. Kintarians come in around 23 different subspecies, each suited for the plethora of different climates on Kintare. The one common thing is that Kintare has well-muscled bodies and sinewy limbs that are perfect for climbing up trees and mountains or running through open plains. Kintarians' hair color or length depends on the subspecies and what climate they live in. Those living in the giant blackwood forests usually have thick medium length hair with a shaggy mane, while those in the open grasslands have short fur and no mane, but have a heavier physique. Some Kintarians have a more humanoid resemblance, while others appear more feral and cat-like. All have retractable claws that can be used in combat and climbing.

Korvenites are a race of psychic humanoids and the natives to Terra Sollus. They are a religious race, monotheistic and serve the deity Korvan, who birthed their race. All of them became enslaved by the Galactic Union almost three decades ago due to folly of a dozen disgruntled members of their race. Save those that escaped or were killed, all Korvenites within Union borders are in obscure internment camps. Their locations are unknown to the general populace.

A telepathic species of pacifists and one of the original five Sire Races that formed the Galactic Union. Kudobans have necks that sometimes reach about three feet in length and have two extra mouths on their necks. They rarely use their psychic abilities offensively, as many Kudobans have taken an oath not to do so unless in very extreme circumstances.

A techno-organic species originating from Ferros Khanosis and Ferros Arietis in the Ferronos Sector. They are technological geniuses, but are extremely secretive with any new technology they device until they feel other species can use it responsibly. It was their 50 year enslavement by the Cybernarr that led to the Ferronos Sector War


A beast of burden native to Bimnorii. It is known for its domed skull, three eyes and excessively long neck, but can go for almost a week without water. They are a bi-pedal species with no front limbs.

A spacefaring gigantic slug species found primarily in the Mynar Sector, but especially in the Merrivel Nebula. These species feed on gaseous particles in nebulae and planet rings. However, they cannot survive within a strong planetary atmosphere. Betelydra come in several different subspecies. They breath by means of dark matter.

A wooly cloven-hoofed beast found on Cercidale. They produce kurtha cloth from their thick pelts and milk. Habraum's mother runs a kurkoroos farm on Cercidale.

A massive horned beast found on the grass plains of Terra Sollus, oxophae are usually peaceful when left alone. But when frightened or provoked, oxophae go feral. Some have been known to sheer hovercars in half! Orsc, oxophas meat, is known to be very healthy and lean.

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